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That's a new one. Plane is boarded and they announce a long delay due to thunderstorms. They let people deplane.

What are the odds one idiot left the boarding area and wandered off and will delay things more ?

But I like that they let people off.

At TSA this morning. I am wearing a t-shirt from Bushnell's Brewing.

TSA Agent: hey, they make beer and fine optics!

Me: sure... where do you think you get beer goggles from.

All TSA agents within hearing: guffaws, laughter, smirking.

So close and yet so far. Upgrades are nice but they can be especially nice on morning flights.

Gymnastics practice. I am terrible at all of these moves.

Which means I need more.

At Denver airport. Restroom. There is a pair of shoes in there. What happened that someone abandoned their shoes in an airport restroom?

Deadlifts today - I am not lifting often enough. A year ago I could handle 405# x 3 and now I'm working hard at 335.

Back is tight too.

Firmin le Barbier

Used to be a go to restaurant when we lived in Paris. Not too fancy but good enough for guests. Near the Eiffel Tower so the view is great.

Sadly the menu is less classic French and it's a bit $$$ these days.

There is no baguette like a true Parisian baguette. Anyone saying otherwise is just wrong.

Other baguettes may be good or interesting or tasty. But not the same not as good.

Back to the gym today after nearly three weeks away. This is going to hurt.

Ooh, love ok at the fancy footrests! 2-1-2 config on IcelandAir. Kind of comfy with no one next to me.

Downloaded the new Neal Stephenson book. I didn't love his last one, Seveneves. I hope this is a return to form.

When you think about the worst pizza in the world - never forget Speed Rabbit in Paris.

Notre Dame sans stained glass. I got tears my eyes looking at this broken monument. We used to spend weekend days in the park behind Notre Dame. Kids on swings.

Unreported but breaking news - the real Paris crisis, the crise de Paris, so to speak - the French have stopped wearing scarves !

I believe this is what the Yellow Jacket protesters are saying (bit rusty translating) and Macron appears to be caving saying "les echarpes? Cest nous".

Hopefully France can weather this issue and return to be the world leader in scarf-wearing.

Wow. Champs-Elysees is locked down tight. It's been a long time since I've been in Paris - security is insane.

Not a good trend.

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