What's interesting about this chart is how relatively low my heart rate was. Or phrased differently - I don't think this is accurate.

Of course the altitude / air could be the limiter

The only thing I crushed this morning was the water challenge. And of course my breathing. There is no air here.

Big day of walking. I am trying to start running again. Back to the beginning as my Achilles tendons are unhappy. So a tiny bit of running and a short walk.

Then a tough hike. At altitude. On a hot day. Oof. My feet weren't ready for this much minimalist distance.

Nice walk to work this morning in . Not my normal hotel. Lovely Flat Iron views.

Calves and tendons are tight - wouldn't want to start running right now.

Back at it after a few days of travel. Felt good except for lingering Achilles tendon injury.

My teammate today is 25 years old, a police officer, and a fitness junkie. Thanks Everett for killing my cardio today :-)

I like team / partner workouts. The intensity is high as you don't want to be the weak link (even though everyone is chill about it).

Best way to have a decent mood ( for me ) is exercise. Very stressed with work and relocation coming up... but the gym provides a bit of respite.

Also spending more time with audiobooks.

Back at it. Took it easy on the load, tried for speed. Back squats have been rough for a few years now.

This was Thursday morning. Friday is a especially as work has me too busy to get to the gym.

Felt okay on the cleans for not having done them in a long time.

Yeah, back to the gym for a while. Felt good about 5*5 presses at 150#. My previous was 155# but with all the travel Im just happy to be close.

225# on front squats buy had a twinge in my right adductor. Boeah. Not squatting enough.

4th of July - not too bad on the goals. I use an app called Habits. When I am being healthy I do well. Then work, travel, stress hits and things get messy.

The gap on the food yesterday was buns with burgers. It.was the 4th is my excuse.

Kind of an odd workout. Not sure the 5*5 scheme worked well for the rows.

Did the pullups strict (ie no kipping). Tough on the old arms.

Back to Sasquatch. It was nice to get moving again. 30 minutes of movement. .

Did step-ups instead of box jumps to save the Achilles.

Apparently my karma is causing glitches in restaurants. Stopped by Sun Mountain Brewery for a burger. Bloody Mary was great. Then no food. 30+ minutes (I was doing a crossword puzzle and didn't notice).

Ticket got lost. They apologized and comped the food when it came out so no harm, no foul.

I'm on a tear! Yesterday I saw Jersey Mike's is gone too.

Sprints on an AirDyne bike. Calories are very different from the Assault Bike. The altitude and lack of fitness was challenging to say the least. Also battling an Achilles tendon injury so no running; I dislike rowing.


Bramble and Hare. Younger cousin of Black Cat.

Farm to table restaurant in . Menu changes almost daily.

So close and yet so far. Upgrades are nice but they can be especially nice on morning flights.

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Clan Bricin

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