Although the counter at Whole Foods is pretty good. Still a walk.

Farmer's Market is a good option too

Interesting thing about is there are no butcher shops downtown. Alfalfa's and Sprouts are okay but no true shops.

Blackbelly is more of a restaurant - and is outside the walking area in any case.

What's interesting about this chart is how relatively low my heart rate was. Or phrased differently - I don't think this is accurate.

Of course the altitude / air could be the limiter

The only thing I crushed this morning was the water challenge. And of course my breathing. There is no air here.

Big day of walking. I am trying to start running again. Back to the beginning as my Achilles tendons are unhappy. So a tiny bit of running and a short walk.

Then a tough hike. At altitude. On a hot day. Oof. My feet weren't ready for this much minimalist distance.

We are in some pretty remote spots these past few days. Eating from gas stations more than I would like. But even in remote places there are good foods. Used to be jerky and nuts. Now there are eggs, cheese, pickles... could use more veggies.

Travel and moving are not conducive to working out. Being on the road is hard on a diet. Best advice : do what you can and don't stress. is a long-term action.

Nice walk to work this morning in . Not my normal hotel. Lovely Flat Iron views.

Calves and tendons are tight - wouldn't want to start running right now.

Hardest thing for me is fitness when I travel. Hotel gyms are usually bad. Outdoor fitness is an option of course. But let's face it - it's lack of motivation that crunches it. And as importantly lack of routine. At home there is a wake up time, gym time, etc.

Thankfully this is coming to an end soon as we stop traveling end of the month.

you say? How about 4 days of lifting furniture 12 hours per day? I am wiped out.

Shocking how the running shoe industry has reverted to stacked shoes, huge drops, and selling bad form. I get it - is a tough adjustment. But the injury rates for long term success don't lie.

In a move to focus on fitness I bought a Garmin Instinct yesterday. Having this watch is intended to spur more hiking and running.

Lots of buttons to learn. At a minimum I'll get the step counter working.

Back at it after a few days of travel. Felt good except for lingering Achilles tendon injury.

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Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife - a quarter century went by in a blink. Imagine what we do in the next 25/50+

What in the world is up with baby strollers these days ? Ginormous. Costco-sized tankers. 2000 straps. Water bottles. Why do you need that?

I wouldn't care but every stroller pilot seems to have the skills of a Seattle rush hour driver.

Pick your kid up for a change!

Travel / rest day. One of the hardest things for me to do is to stop working out once I get into the routine. In other words, rest days.

Rest days are important for recovery and healing. But I want to *lift*! Thankfully I have an imposed travel day and that takes care of the issue for me.

My teammate today is 25 years old, a police officer, and a fitness junkie. Thanks Everett for killing my cardio today :-)

I like team / partner workouts. The intensity is high as you don't want to be the weak link (even though everyone is chill about it).

Starting the plan for an event in December in Colorado. Ruck, ski, climb... worst case half marathon or similar. The goal is both personal motivation as well as getting some family members to come out and join us.

Oh... and get my lungs used to the altitude.

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